b. 1984 Los Angeles CA


2006: Otis College of Art and Design - Bachelor of Fine Arts

2009: The New York Academy of Art - Master of Fine Arts

2010: The New York Academy of Art - Fellowship Program



My work deals with human vulnerability, boredom, fragility and the imprisonment of oneself. My work has always been about things in myself that I feel incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassed by. I exploit what's dangerous and what scares me about myself. I collect and I hoard, my work has some kind of delicate profanity, and a certain over-passivity “If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.”- Sylvia Plath. 

Plath had a strange way of accepting her own presence in her life and work. In her first and only novel The Bell Jar, Plath slowly tells the unraveling story of her life and her first attempt at suicide, comparing her feelings of despair and vulnerability to the feeling of being trapped in a bell jar. Years later at her second attempt at suicide, she succeeded. It was this detatched fragility that has influenced my most recent work. 

I understand the neurosis that Plath so beautifully describes in her writing. I almost see my work as a series of contradictions, ideas and thoughts that I pull from very different parts of my experienced life. In logic two mutually exclusive propositions are propositions that logically cannot both be true. To say that more than two propositions are mutually exclusive may, depending on its context means that no two of them can both be true, or only that they cannot all be true. But somehow in my work this has naturally taken place. My subject matter suggests ideas of beauty vs. despair, shame, embarrassment and vulnerability that woman many times experience in their lives.




2018: “Woodfleet Project 2.0" Group show. Woodfleet Preservation Hall. Wellfleet, MA

2015: "My Bad Self" Group show.  Arts and Leisure. New York, NY

2013: "Mythical Beasts" Group show. One Mile Gallery. Kingston, NY

2013: "Spacetime" Group show. Farm project Space + Gallery. Wellfleet, MA

2012:  "The Double Dirty Dozen" Group show. Freight and Volume. New York, NY

2012: "Love Me Till It Fucking Hurts" Solo. Freight and Volume. New York,  NY

2012: "Pornocopia" Group Show. Allegra LaViola Gallery. New York, New York.

2011: "Name, Date, Title" Two person show.  Ford Project. New York, New York

2011: "Melodymadia"  Group show. RH Gallery. New York, New York

2010: “None Taken” Three-person. Post Graduate Fellowship Show. NYAA. NY, NY

2009: “Four person Show” Three Person show Jack the Pelican Presents. Brooklyn, NY

2009: “NYAA Summer Exhibition”, New York City.

2009: “NYAA MFA Exhibit”, New York City.

2008: “The Bird Show” Thinkspace Gallery. Los Angeles

2008: “Group Show” Wind-Up Gallery. Mesa, Arizona

2008: “The Erotic Show” 2008: Roq La Rue Gallery. Seattle, WA.

2008: “And Then There Were Butterflies” Two person show, Project Gallery, LA, CA

2007: “Dirty Pretty Things” Solo Show, Black Market Gallery, Los Angeles.

2007: “Charity Paint by Numbers” Group. Corey Helford Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

2007: “Group Show III” Four-person Corey Helford Gallery, CA


2009: Recipient of The New York Academy of Art 2009-2010 Post-Graduate Fellowship.

2008: Recipient of the Prince of Whales Fellowship , Residency at the Chateau Bellory. Normandy, France.